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To everyone who wants to keep fit, to achieve results in sports or just to feel good, you should pay attention to our online store of sports pharmacology. A large selection of drugs that meet a variety of needs, supplemented with comprehensive information on each of them. Particularly worth highlighting is the detailed division of […]

The effectiveness of clenbuterol bodybuilding


Unlike ephedrine outputting from the body within a few hours, clenbuterol activity reaches a peak at the eighth hour after administration and has a fat-burning effect that lasts for many hours. “Work” Clenbuterol generally does not interfere with the ordinary cycle of the organism. This is – just one of the facets of the drug, […]

Clenbuterol – Drug Without a Prescription


. In medicine, take medication for asthma. Recently, the drug Tal very popular among athletes in connection with the opening of its properties, which need so many athletes – the burning of fat, and, subsequently – the formation of a clear relief. It is often used by athletes in the drying cycle. The difference of […]

Clenbuterol SLIMMING


To reduce weight and body for drying sometimes used drugs, the main purpose of which is to treat specific problems. Clenbuterol diet – what is this drug, what is the principle of his actions? Which scheme should be followed, wanting to lose weight? Useful product information Clenbuterol – a drug used to treat asthma and […]

Clenbuterol Effects

Clenbuterol Effects

Clenbuterol Athletes and bodybuilders use clenbuterol is mainly due to its thermogenic and anti-catabolic effects. Clenbuterol (often simply called “maple”) – is not a steroid, is a sympathomimetic and central nervous system stimulant, a specific agonist which stimulates beta-2 adrenoceptors. In some countries it is used in medicine as bronholiticheskigo for the treatment of asthma […]

Clenbuterol Info

Clenbuterol Info

Clenbuterol In this review article, we describe what clenbuterol, its application in losing weight. The second half of the article is entirely devoted to the side effects of clenbuterol, about where to buy, how to apply, and the question of its legality. But first, a little history: Hollywood discovered clenbuterol, announced his miracle drug for […]

Clenbuterol for losing weight: it’s all about action!


Losing weight with the help of drugs came to us from this great sport. For example, bodybuilders is a must to participate in competitions. However, as the impact of tablets on the body of the common man? Effectively it? And most importantly – is it worth it the perfect body? Clenbuterol for weight loss: a […]



Description Contrary to some people’s conception of clenbuterol, as an ancient preparation, it was designed not so long ago. Immediately after the creation of clenbuterol fell into the category of cult products – it endowed properties anabolic and fat burning agent at the same time! That is, the drug is, in theory, should have been […]